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About Me....

I grew up outside of Boston, MA where we had an opportunity to live in a wonderful town with excellent schools, thanks to my resourceful mother for being so persistent! I had such great art teachers who really encouraged me to reach new limits and strive for originality. I attended Mesa College in San Diego, CA for a two year program from 84' to 86"and I studied ceramic art among other things. I studied ceramics under Lana Wilson of , who is a inspirational hand builder. She really encouraged her students to push the limits of the clay and think outside the box of form and function. To

this day, her infruences resonate in my work.


After leaving Mesa collage I continued to work in ceramics taking classes in local Jr collages and public run studios in Alameda, CA and UC Berkeley where I had the opportunity to work alongside some very talented potters.


Ceramic art has always been a huge passion for me, but over the years trying to make a living, lack of space with limited resources, I was unable to find ways to create and work in clay.

After moving to Vermont in 2010, I found a wonderful studio, Brattleboro Clayworks, and began working in clay again.

That motivated me to build my own studio (with the help of my husband) and now I'm happily producing work at my home in Winhall, VT. 


Thanks for visiting my website and taking a look at my work!


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